MySpace works to become private alternative to Facebook.

In regard to my last post, PrivateBook, I thought it would be appropriate to continue with the theme of poor Facebook privacy. While Facebook’s population is increasing at a rapid rate, almost double in six months (according to Quantcast), users’ privacy  has dwindled.

We are constantly learning that Facebook has added new ways for third parties to learn “private” information about Facebook users. Although this may be a success for Facebook, users seem to be less than thrilled. With an increasing worry about their online privacy, users have become frustrated with these new settings.

As a result of the recent activity Facebook has engaged in, an outdated MySpace is stepping up to the plate to satisfy those worried about their online privacy. Jennifer Van Grove blogs about MySpace’s new plan on Mashable, a site dedicated to news in social media.

According to her post, MySpace is “announcing that the social networking site will soon make the default setting for updates ‘friends only.’” Although MySpace has yet to act on their plan for better privacy, their intent is to protect their users. Mike Jones, Co-President of MySpace, states, “MySpace’s core value of allowing self-expression and representation to yourself remains true, without the fear that your unique contribution to MySpace will be unknowingly used for an alternative purpose” (Mashable).

While this statement isn’t formally directed at Facebook, it is definitely a low-blow. I suppose only time will show just how important online privacy is to Facebook users and whether or not they make the switch to MySpace. Quantcast demographics show that MySpace is currently used by 185 million people, I wonder, however, will these numbers reach the expected 500 million people Facebook hosts (Time Magazine’s) after MySpace’s new and improved privacy settings come to life?


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