Facebook, Twitter and Myspace may seem like an innocent, fun way to keep in touch and interact with friends, tell everyone what’s on your mind, or share pictures from that wild party you went to last night.

But is all this information private? Is it just meant to be seen between you and your friends?

Well in fact, whether you like it or not, things on the web can be seen by potentially just about everyone – including potential employers.

As a result, the image you display on your facebook or twitter page is the foundation of your personal brand.

The way an individual student portrays themselves online is paramount to their potential careers – especially for students in the journalism school, where nearly everything you do is online.

As a group, we will be learning how students can use technology to their advantage, and also, unfortunately to their detriment.

There is a fine line to having a personality and showing potential employers you are a serious candidate for the job you desire.

As students who are already, or about to embark on the job and internship search in the near future, it is paramount that we learn the consequences of the social media sphere.


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