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SNL and Social Media

Max Babson

To be completely honest I haven’t watched an episode of Saturday Night Live since Tracy Morgan left. The new cast member really haven’t gotten my attention, except for the “I’m on a Boat” music video. The show has been slipping in ratings and I think one major cause may be that they have lost touch with their once youthful following. I personally don’t know anyone my age that habitually watches the show anymore, and hit episodes are few and far between, usually depending on an A-list host.

So who does SNL bring in to deliver a massive hit on the ratings scale? Their biggest in two years in fact. Brad Pitt? Nope. Beyonce? Nope. Betty White! That’s right none other than the 88 year old icon who has enjoyed a recent rise in popularity due to some very funny commercials. Having Jay-Z as the musical guest may have helped those ratings a tad, but never the less, a great idea. But how did they come up with it?

As I said, SNL’s young fanbase seems to have dwindled over the last few years and what better way to get in touch with them than by tapping into social media? Thanks to I learned that they became aware of a facebook group that sprang up and quickly made its way to over 500,000 members that all had the same goal. Get Betty White on SNL!

Social media has given us the power to take an idea we’re passionate about and instantly share it with the world and find out how other people think about your idea. In terms of branding yourself think of how you can use this to build your own personal reputation. Get involved with causes you support or groups of any kind and be an influencer online. Leaving this kind of online footprint is going to show what you are capable of. Even if your cause is just to bring an old lady to late night TV.


McSocial Media

Max Babson

Generation Y has been eating up social media like a tub of McDonald’s fries, wolfing them down by the handful because they are so damn tasty without any second thought about repercussions.  We simply can’t get enough of it.

The ability to instantly share pictures, thoughts, cool links, or whatever else you feel like with a huge audience, regardless of whether you’re a social media rock star or narcissist, gives a fun feeling of community. But this “community effect” has consequences that you don’t see coming, not unlike the feeling after the tub of fries.

Currently 66% of Generation Y is unaware that their online footprint or reputation can be an important factor in whether or not they are hired for a position, but they need to learn fast because in the information age it is much easier than ever before to evaluate someone thanks to websites like Facebook and MySpace.

56% of Generation Y feels that this practice is unfair, but it is becoming common procedure – reports that 45% of employers screened potential employees using social media. So get used to it, as I’m sure it will become more and more routine.

There is no shortage of horror stories about young job seekers being foiled by embarrassing pictures popping up when the manager Googles their name, here is one particularly funny one.

But remember that not just your personal photos need to be kept track of, but also anything else that has your name attached to it.  Your comments on friends’ pages, or in message boards, tweets, and whatever else are all fair game for a company’s purpose of screening applicants, and can be just as damaging as an embarrassing photo if what you said was something people might find unsavory.

Incidents like this one can have long-lasting and serious effects on your personal brand.  In the digital environment once things go viral they can spiral out of control very quickly and potentially have very serious consequences.