Team Member Bios

Dalal Abou-Jamous:

As a potential Public Relations student and an eventual PR Professional, I am learning that there is much importance on how I brand myself through various social media networks. The things University of Oregon students post on the Internet gives them a certain reputation in the professional world. I am hoping that through this topic I will be able to learn more about how different companies use social media networks to aid in their decisions about hiring future employees.

Max Babson:

I am a 21 year old University of Oregon student that recently transferred to the UO to pursue a degree in journalism. As a journalism student I learned very early that your reputation is the your most important tool in finding employment in the profession. Your body of work and personal “brand” are all that you have to persuade people that you are indeed a professional that is worthy of being hired. You are creating this brand with not only with the work that you have done and relationships developed in the past, but also with your presence in the world of social media which is becoming increasingly important.

Jamey Racer:

I am a returning student in the School of Journalism at the University of Oregon.  I also have a degree in Diagnostic Medical Imaging.  After working for over a decade in healthcare I began to miss the creative side of life.  So I joined a local movie production group for the feature film Spidertron.  In addition to acting in the film, I also created costumes, designed poster and DVD box art, and managed the promotion of the film.  Because Spidertron was a “micro budget” film we used social media extensively for promotion.  Our first showing was standing room only!  Those experiences convinced me I wanted to get out of healthcare and into media.

Keith Becker:

I am still more than two years away from graduating from the U of O, but I have already seen all that social media has to offer. I had a PR internship last summer where I learned how effectively twitter and facebook could be used to spread information quickly, publicize a client, network with other professionals or aspiring professionals, and brand yourself. Through blogging, tweeting and maintaining a facebook fan page with large audiences, I’ve learned it’s necessary to apply an “appropriateness filter” on what I post. My reputation is the most important thing I own, and potential employers will surely be snooping through my online footprints to check if I would be a good professional.


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